Whiteboard and Chalkboard Buying Guide



Styles and Sizes



Whiteboard and Chalkboard Surfaces

Whiteboards and chalkboards are constructed of many dry erase materials. Specific dry erase surfaces are available to accommodate any use or budget. Here’s a helpful outline that identifies the whiteboard and chalkboard surfaces and their differences.


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Chalkboard and Whiteboard Frames

Chalkboards and whiteboards are available in many different frames and finishes. Choose one which will best accommodate your décor or your environment. Anodized aluminum frames are the most heavy duty frames available. Customers may prefer the look and feel of plastic or solid wood frames.

-          Solid Wood with Oak, Walnut or Mahogany Finish

-          Anodized Aluminum with Satin, Chrome or Black Finish

-          PVC Plastic in a variety of Colors

-          Unframed


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Sizing and Styles

It is important to correctly assess the availability of mounting space or storage when choosing what size Chalkboard or Whiteboard to order.

Wall Mounted Chalkboards and Fixed Whiteboards - Decide which wall you plan to mount your chalkboard or whiteboard on. Carefully, measure the space. You also want to make sure you have adequate space in front of the whiteboard to move about as you use your chalkboard or whiteboard. It is important to measure and not estimate the size you need.

Freestanding Easel Chalkboards and Rolling Whiteboards – Freestanding whiteboards are a great solution for those who do not have wall space available to mount a board or those who require a portable solution. Consider carefully the amount of floor space you have available before choosing your floor-standing chalkboard or whiteboard.


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Whiteboard and Chalkboard Accessories

Accessories common to dry erase boards and chalkboards are:

-          Accessory Trays

-          Maprails

-          Erasers

-          Cleaners

-          Dry Erase Markers

-          Chalk


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