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Chalkboard Cork Board Combo

1 per box

Today's Lesson is part math, part history, and part science!

Imagine being able to utilize a teaching tool that allows you to teach three different subjects during one classroom session. The Chalkboard Cork Board Combo features a large chalkboard that provides more than enough room for teachers to write a series of math problems and list the pivotal Civil War events. Where does the science come in? The Chalkboard Cork Board Combo is made with recycled cork that spans the upper portion of the board and it has earned the Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification that promotes healthy lungs. You can teach three subjects during the same class session!

The highly resilient cork can absorb years of tack impressions and the porcelain steel board structure resists dents and scratches that typically damage other types of teaching boards. Teachers will love the sleek anodized aluminum trim that enhances the board's appearance. A full-length tackable map rail and a full-length accessory tray allows teachers to store teaching implements by their side as they teach their students.

- 10-year cork guarantee

- TAA compliant

- Four by ten feet

- Cork surface perfect for hanging decorations

- Excellent student interactive teaching tool

- Anodized aluminum trim

Unit Weight: 
170.00 LBS per Unit
Aluminum Trim
Shipping Weight: 
170.00 Pounds
Lead Time: 
5-8 Business Days
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