Framed Cork Bulletin Board - Choose Size

A natural cork board in a sold wood frame for durability.
1 per box

Keep your school on top of things with the Framed Cork Bulletin Board! Look around inside of any school and you will see myriad bulltin boards lining the hallway walls. The question is, are the bulletin boards hanging straight or even functional? Most bulletin boards succumb to wear and tear after a short time. We constructed the Framed Cork Bulletin Board to last from when a child enters kindergarten, to when he or she leaves elemntary school for middle school.The Framed Cork Bulletin Board has the most reliable posting surface on the market. Made with natural tan cork that we laminate to fiberboard, the Framed Cork Bulletin Board securely holds announcements, class assignment reminders, and faculty meeting notices. Corks natural reslience makes for the best posting surface, allowing you to pin notes on the same spot for years on end. Our solid red oak hardwood frame ensures that the posting surface does not slip from its perch inside of your school. The board seemlessly blends with most school interiors, while providing you with the functionality you need to communicate with students and teachers.

  • The natural cork surface makes the Framed Cork Bulletin Board the most reliable on the market
  • Resilient tan cork blends inside of most schools
  • Solid red oak hardwood frame secures the cork posting surface
  • Portable for meetings and field trips
  • Cork posting surface laminated to sturdy fiberboard
  • Choose your Bulletin Board Size
  • 1/8" Natural Cork on 3/8" Fiberboard
  • 1-1/4" Wood Trim Face


Unit Weight: 
4.00 LBS per Unit
Wood Trim
Shipping Weight: 
4.00 Pounds
Lead Time: 
5-10 Business Days
Ground - Small
Marsh Industries