Hey Diddle Diddle ™ - Kids Room Rugs

1 per box

Tell a nursery rhyme with Kids Room Rugs!

Young children love to hear nursery rhymes. We have taken one of their favorite nursery rhymes and brought it to life on the Kids Room Rugs. Young children will immediately recognize the playful characters from the familiar nursery rhyme, “Hey Diddle Diddle”. With a braided-rug design and bright, clear colors, this carpet provides a cheerful solace for young children and it gives you an excellent teaching tool for improving your students' phonetic skills.

Your children can relax with their juice boxes, while comfortably sitting on the Kids Room Rugs. You do not have to worry about juice stains changing the design of this colorful rug. We treat the rugs with anti-stain and anti-soil agents that make cleaning stains and mud prints as easy as one swipe with a damp cloth. In addition we treat the rugs with antimicrobial compounds that prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. We also use print dyes and tightly weave the rug's fibers to exceed the most stringent indoor air quality standards. Your young students can "Hey Diddle Diddle" and not inhale noxious dye fumes or loose rug fibers.

* Constructed with our own SoftFlex®

* Limited manufacturer defects warranty

* Outstanding fade resistance

* Available in eight sizes and three colors

* Insulates your students from extremely hot or cold floors

* We only use printed dyes

Unit Weight: 
10.00 LBS per Unit
Shipping Weight: 
10.00 Pounds
Lead Time: 
4-10 Business Days
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