Led Marker Board

1 per box

Get your message out on the Led Marker Board!

Restaurants place daily features and other special announcements on a board that typically sits in the front lobby. Successful restaurant marketers utilize Led Marker Boards. We may wonder who the artist was who created the lobster next to the lobster special, but the true brilliance of the message came from the Led markers. These marker accentuate marketing messages in an array of brilliant colors. While you will find these boards in many restaurant, you now can also find them in hotel lobbies, corporate buildings, and even in physician offices.

The Led Marker Board is lightweight enough for you to easily move it to new strategically important locations in your business. The durable, easy to wipe clean writing surface does not chip or crack, even after it inadvertently falls from its perch in a restaurant front lobby. You can change messages multiple time per day and use different colors to convey those messages. Strong blue trim enhances the decor inside of most businesses. People are attracted to color and the Led Marker Board will certainly grab the attention of your customers.

-Easy to wipe clean writing surface
-Blue trim
-Lightweight materials provides portability
-Numerous marker colors to choose from
-Perfect for marketing messages that change throughout the day
-Long term durability

Unit Weight: 
13.00 LBS per Unit
Blue Trim
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