Fully Staffed ™ - School Rug - Music

1 per box

A School Rug that plays sweet music!

Your job as an educator of young children is to introduce them to varied subjects and then use positive reinforcement to encourage students to pursue the subjects that pique their interests. We have designed a wonderful teaching tool that will motivate the musicians among your young students to learn more about reading music in both treble and bass clef. This school rug contains rich colors that depict a standard music sheet. All you have to do is instruct your students on how to complete the music sheet.

The School Rug doubles as a comfortable place for your students to unwind after a hectic day. Our proprietary SoftFlex® backing insulates young children from scorching hot or frigid cold classroom floors. The tightly woven fibers withstand the most demanding classroom environments. The School Rug has yet to meet a classroom full of rambunctious children that it could not take. We treat the rug with anti-stain and anti-soil compounds that make cleaning juice spills or muddy foot prints a cinch. All you need is a damp towel to wipe away the mess. We use Colorfast to prevent fading, giving you years of musical bliss.

* Available in three sizes and three colors

* Remarkable dimensional stability

* Stain and soil resistant treatment

* Air-texturized, polypropylene secondary back

* Limited lifetime antimicrobial protection

* Perfect way to engage your young students in music

Unit Weight: 
10.00 LBS per Unit
Shipping Weight: 
10.00 Pounds
Lead Time: 
4-10 Business Days
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