Whiteboard Spray Cleaner

A single spray bottle of clean whiteboard solution is shown.
1 per box

Get rid of the toughest markerboard stains!

After a long day writing multiple lessons on one of our markerboards, you most likely do not have the energy to scrub and wipe the board clean. This is why we suggest ordering the Whiteboard Spray, a highly effective cleaning solution that only requires a dry towel and a few light swipes of the towel to produce a shiny markerboard surface. The spray is the perfect cleaning companion for our smooth melamine surface markerboards, since the mild chemicals in the solution can displace any color marker, of any intensity. Another benefit of this spray is its anti-running properties. You can save an important reminder at the top right hand corner on one of our porcelain steel markerboards and not have to worry about the spray solution running into the important information.

- Recommended for tough to remove marker smudges and stains

- One 8-ounce bottle

- Perfect solution for melamine surfaces

- Takes little effort to clean

- Anti-running properties

- Use a dry towel, make a few swipes, and call it a day

Unit Weight: 
0.00 LBS per Unit
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0.00 Pounds
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5-10 Business Days
Ground - Small
Marsh Industries